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India, a land of diversity is known for its people, colors, festivals and food. . The land of Exotic spices where food varies with changing landscapes. From mild to spicy to very spicy, tasty food is something Indians are naturally associated with.

“BRITISH INDIAN CURRY HUT (BICH)” also known as THE CURRY HUT (TCH) by its valued clients, brings alive the rustic flavors of the Indian cuisine, traditionally famous for its savory “tandoori" dishes and exotic curries.

Dedicated to serving authentic Indian Food and the best of Indian cuisine In BICH, is truly a foodie’s paradise. The fresh meat cooked in flavored spices exuding an appetizing fume is bound to draw your attention. The exclusive collection of vegetarian dishes complements our menu thus giving us the brand of an authentic India dishes.

Bar In our Restaurants is lively and Enjoyed by all dialects. Considered by our clients as best hangout for beer, Our wide variety of Bar Menu, consist of Raspberry Bacardi, Vanilla Bacardi, Jagermister, Jaeger Bomb, Tequila, 3flies, Margarita, Daiquiri, Smoothies, lassie’s and more.

We provide happy hour drinks all Night and on-the House free nacho provided for every beer tower Purchased on Dine-In. Our varieties of beers On-Tap are Heineken, Tiger, Guinness, Erdinger from France. The bottles beers and combo bottle beer are served too. The Beer bottle Varieties are Corona, Asahi, Erdinger Blanc, Tiger and list goes on.

When we speak about Wines our House Pour Wines are greatly enjoyed by our clients, we serve from Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Gringos, Chardonnay and Merlot. We have best selling wines from specify countries that are most liked by our clients.

Our enhanced facility to online customers can order Online from our food and Drinks Menu online & pay online, we accept major cards and get delivered to their place, Our Online menu comes up with great discount and offers which is unbeatable in Singapore Indian market. Shop Now!!!

 We also provide regular updates on our offers, discounts and VAS by our social media marketing, Google ads and campaigns. So Stay Connected!!!

When you place order from our Ala-Cart Lunch Menu get offers Of 50% Disc from your total Bill. Reserve Now!!!.

One More Option in lunch is what we say as value Lunch combo. A meal specially designed for corporate customers for Dine-in. Just reserve your table online or offline by informing our team for Booking made for value added meal. Meal price starts from $9 to $12. We offer Vegetarian and No-Vegetarian Value lunch combo meal. So WHY WAIT BOOK NOW!!!

Catering is major role played for any kind of parties. We in our prestigious firm offer wide variety on catering menu & Best Catering in Singapore. If you are un-aware of what menu to choose or what dish to choose, just give us a call and rest is ours. We plan the menu and do catering set-up for your event and make it as remarkable one for you. Our Price for catering menu starts from $18 – $100 and above. So whatever the event may be providing a good food to your customers is the difficult task. So we take that burden and you take care of welcoming your guest. Happy Parties are remembered one.

Catering for Corporate customers where we sit and speak and make the necessary arrangements and provide them the best menu according to their budget has been a significant role for us. Our corporate clients are from IT, Logistic and banking.

Indian food delivery has always been a struggle to all to make it easier and to reach us at your door step Order food online via https://britishindiancurryhut.sg.

It is our utmost pleasure in having you here.

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British Indian Curry Hut (BICH)

Food Menu

Authentic Indian cuisine with variety of dishes from Clay oven, Currys and our Purdha Briyani in British Indian Curry Hut.

Bar Menu

Boost your energy with our variety of Cocktails, Mocktails, Sprits and Chilled Beers on Tap & Bottles.